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The Skeleton -3rd Class

September 24, 2022

By Gemma

3rd Class have been learning all about the Skeleton this month. 

Our bones help to support our body. They also help to protect the organs inside our body and make blood.

Teeth are part of the Skeleton and they are the only part that we can see. The rest is hidden underneath our skin.

We have been learning the correct names for the various bones in our body and we have made our own large skeleton’s by connecting the bones together. Did you know the adult human body has 206 bones? However, a baby’s body has about 300 bones at birth.


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Lá Fhéile Bríde

Lá Fhéile Bríde

We used rushes to make St. Brigid’s crosses, They were quite difficult to make but we really enjoyed the challenge.
We will hang these crosses above the door to keep our homes safe.

Maths Week ➗➕➖✖

Maths Week ➗➕➖✖

This week we gave our brains a Maths workout!
We played games such a snakes and ladders, 21 Down and we used our Maths eyes to find and figure out Maths in our school environment. We did a Maths trail and we even took part in a really fun Maths Quiz!